Your Data. Private and Secure.

Ciitizen takes the privacy of your health records very seriously and believes that protecting your data is our top priority.
Ciitizen follows three guiding principles when it comes to your privacy:
Transparency, Security, and Control 



We believe in being honest, direct, and transparent when it comes to your data.  We strive to clearly and simply explain how we gather your health records, how we convert them into digital data, and allow you to see them in different ways.

We also understand that you will want to share your records with doctors, caregivers, and researchers. In fact, nearly all of our users are sharing data with caregivers and over 70% are sharing with researchers. We will clearly explain your choices and let you decide when and how to share.

New doctor? Share your complete history to get the care you need without wasting time. 

Want to help a research project fight cancer?  Your health records can help with research to improve care for others.  We will be transparent about how your data is shared to avoid confusion and surprise.

Questions about our privacy practices? See our Privacy Policy.



You take care of your health and we’ll take care of your health data

Keeping your health data secure is absolutely essential to your care.  Whether you want to share data with a caregiver, for a second opinion, or with a clinical researcher, trust Ciitizen to help keep your records secure.

We maintain a comprehensive information security program designed to protect your data.  

  • Your health records: Ciitizen helps keep your health records secure and only shares data when you say so.
  • 24/7 Monitoring:  Rest easy – We monitor our network 24/7. 
  • Secure technology:  Our encryption helps keep your health data guarded from start to finish.
  • Code of Conduct:  Already trusted by thousands of patients just like you.  Ciitizen is a member of the CARIN Alliance and adheres to The CARIN Alliance Code of Conduct.

Questions about our security practices? See our Privacy Policy.

Ciitizen Security: Protection you need, peace of mind you deserve.



Having access to all of your health records is your RIGHT as a patient. We know your information belongs to you and will not share your information with others without your explicit approval.
We securely store your health records, but you are in charge at all times. You decide whether to share the records, with whom, and for how long. We will always respect your decision and you can withdraw your consent at any time.

Your health records are not just yours to control – you own them.  If you decide to leave Ciitizen, they are yours to download, and we will delete you from our system.

Questions? Email us – We’re always here to help.

Your Data. Private and Secure.