Ciitizen Community
Giveback Program

It takes an entire community to cure the world’s worst diseases, and that starts with enabling everyone to access and control their medical records. 

Ciitizen will donate to cancer research and advocacy groups on behalf of every eligible referral who requests access to their health data through Ciitizen.
(Terms and conditions)

How It Works

Existing Ciitizen Users (Refer-A-Friend)

For every eligible person* you refer that requests their medical records, Ciitizen will donate $10 to a cancer research, support or advocacy group.

Simply use the “Invite a Friend” option under the user menu (top left on mobile, top right on desktop). You will receive a monthly statement on your impact to the community.

*Currently the Ciitizen platform can support those with a diagnosis or history of cancer. Full terms.

Cancer Research & Advocacy Groups

Educate and empower your community with health data portability and generate funds for your organization by becoming a partner of our Giveback Program.

When an individual from a Giveback Partner is referred and requests their medical records, Ciitizen will donate $10 to your organization. 

If you are interested in this program, please contact Stacey Tinianov to learn more.

Current Giveback Program Recipients

Know of a cancer organization who may be interested in our program?
Nominate them.

Ciitizen Health Data Rights Ambassadors

Michael Singer

Michael is a Bronx native and an early stage male breast cancer thriver. He is a lead advocate for the Male Breast Cancer Coalition and has been instrumental in patient, research and policy advocacy since his diagnosis in 2010.​​

Kelly Shanahan​​

Kelly is a mother, wife, daughter and physician diagnosed with early stage breast cancer in 2008. She has been an active patient, policy and research advocate living with metastatic breast cancer since 2013.​​

Susan Strong​

Susan is a two-time cancer warrior, diagnosed over 35 years ago with Hodgkin's Lymphoma and diagnosed in 2017 with breast cancer. She is an active advocate for research into late and long term effects of treatment. ​

Marianne Sarcich

Marianne is the founder of a 500+ person online support community. While she was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer in 2016, she is a staunch supporter of the metastatic community via her support for Metavivor.​

Amy Salmon

Amy was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a relatively uncommon blood cancer. After over six months of high dose chemotherapy, she is now on maintenance therapy and has been in remission since May 2019.

Ivy Elkins

Ivy lives in the Chicago suburbs and was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer at the end of 2013. She is actively involved in patient and research advocacy for lung cancer with a special focus on her subset of lung cancer, which is EGFR positive. She co-founded the EGFR Resisters Patient group in mid-2017.

Laura Loughlin

Laura lives in North Grafton, Massachusetts. Prior to her cancer diagnosis in 2016, Laura took joy in caring for her family as a single parent and her challenging work as a system’s implementation Project Manager. With no history of kidney cancer in her family, and no symptoms, a diagnosis of stage 4 clear cell renal cell carcinoma (RCC) was a surprise.

Ricki Fairley

Ricki is a Stage 3A Triple Negative Breast Cancer Survivor/Thriver. She is the founder and president of Touch, The Black Breast Cancer Alliance, serves on the Board of Trustees for the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation, and established a presence for the Foundation in African American targeted media/social media vehicles. She is a board member for the Center for Healthcare Innovation, and also serves as an Ambassador and Advisor for the Live Humanly Campaign. She serves on the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC) Advocacy and Outreach Committee, and the CDC Advisory Committee on Breast Cancer in Young Women.