When You Control Your Health Data, You Control Your Options.

Ciitizen helps you collect, summarize, and share your medical records digitally, free of charge. You can use it to get a second opinion, coordinate with caregivers, or donate to research.

Starting with cancer, we are helping patients take control of their health outcomes.


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Getting my records was so difficult, it was easier to repeat the tests for every new provider I saw.
Diagnosed with breast cancer, May 16, 2016

Your experience. Frictionless.

Simply upload your health documents, and Ciitizen will transform your data into an organized profile, ready to be shared with whomever you choose.


Directly upload your personal health data to your Ciitizen profile, or we can get it for you.


Your health documents are summarized into a single, organized digital profile.


Your health history is available for you to use and securely share with whomever you choose.

Your data. Your options.

Your health information is the key to your care. Harness your comprehensive data to access a wider range of choices.

Second opinions

Easily share your Ciitizen profile with doctors and caregivers to find the right treatment for you.

Share with loved ones

Keep friends and family members up to speed with current medications, treatments, and procedures.

Contribute to research

Share your Ciitizen profile with researchers for access to clinical trials, or donate your personal health data to help find a cure.