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When you control and share your comprehensive health history, we can do more. Together.

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Ciitizen is a platform that helps you securely collect and share your personal health data.

The road to Ciitizenship is simple.

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Your health information is yours by right.

How we protect your privacy

Share it with others. Or don’t.

Know your options

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Control means secure access to your data wherever you go. Your Ciitizen profile gives you an organized and curated look at your comprehensive health picture.

Step 1

It starts with you. Leverage Ciitizen to collect your health data under your HIPAA right of access.

Step 2

Create a Ciitizen profile and set up your secure, personal account.

Step 3

Send via email or directly upload your personal health data to your Ciitizen profile.

Step 4

Don’t worry, Ciitizen can handle your records in any format.

Step 5

Your health documents and history are transformed into a single, organized digital profile.

Step 6

Your health history is available for you to use and securely share with whomever you choose.

Control your data. Know your options.

We invite you to participate in our private beta program beginning September 11, 2018.

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