The Patient Record Scorecard

Penn Heart and Vascular Center

3400 Civic Center Boulevard East Pavilion, 2nd Floor Philadelphia, PA

A provider earns four stars if they:

Met all of the HIPAA-compliant components. Processed request seamlessly (e.g., without the need for any additional escalations to supervisors or privacy officials).

HIPAA Compliant Components

  1. Accepts requests by email or fax
  2. Sends records in format request and to requested designee
  3. Sends records in 30 days or less
  4. No unreasonable fees

HIPAA-Compliant Components

  • Yes

    Accepts Record Requests via Email or Fax

  • Yes

    Sent in Form and Format Requested

  • 18

    Days To Receive Records 18.99 Average

  • $6.50

    Fees Charged

Ease of Access

  • 1

    Follow-Up Communications 1.18 Average

  • 0

    Escalations to Supervisor 0.01 Average

  • Yes

    Accepts HIPAA-Compliant Request Forms

  • No

    Sent in 5 Days or Less

  • Yes

    Delivers records to patient's requested destination

  • Yes

    Uses vendor to process medical record requests

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